The Garden Gathering is a fruitful effort put forth to create space for women in the East in remembrance of their culture and ancestry. With a deep calling to connect women, May and Resham both longed to create a community based on integrity and sisterhood to celebrate the divine feminine in their home city of Hong Kong. In a series of intuitive events, their paths aligned and they were able to share their vision and plant the timely seed to cultivate such a community. Soon after, they followed the serendipitous path to attend the annual Spiritweavers Gathering. The experience was profoundly moving and inspirational, and it was clear that it was time to establish space for such deep sharing and connection amongst women in Asia.

An intimate gathering of 35 women and children was held in October 2016 at a Buddhist Sanctuary in Hong Kong, through a day of nourishment and skillsharing a portal was opened and the medicine was to continue being shared far and wide. The second gathering on a larger scale will be held at Sai Yuen Farm in Cheung Chau in March 2017. The journey of cultivating this vision has been one of pure intention and anchors on integrity and the inner call to hold sacred space for betterment of our Earth and to understand a more authentic was of living in harmony for ourselves and future generations to come.  



The Gardeners who step forth are all offering their gifts of wisdom to empower our generation and those who follow. By freely sharing the way our ancestors and ancient teachers did, we are able to continue to honour the traditions of harmoniously living and thriving on our Planet with all her beings. We live in a time of grave environmental distress, both on a spiritual and sustainable level, by teaching skills and wisdom we are able to diversify and understand new ways of opening and succeeding in ways of living in beauty and joy on this planet. Many of the Gardeners are currently offering their classes in the Hong Kong community, and we are always looking for women who have a cultivated passion to share their practise and wisdom to step forward. If you feel called to offer a craft and/or skill (earth-based, environmental, sustainability, herbalism, women's temple, spirit) please get in touch with us. 



Seva Sisters are women from the community who have stepped forward to offer their time and efforts to help with the flow of bringing this gathering to fruition. There are many aspects to contribute to and we are grateful to all who step forward and volunteer. If you feel called to assist either prior to the gathering or during the days of please let us know. 



The curated marketplace is a platform for vendors to share their creative and sustainable practises. There will be a limited number of vendor placements as the aim will be able to create a diverse range of inspirational vendors with a on Asian- influenced crafts and techniques. Please get in touch if you would like to offer your craft or trade. All Marketplace vendors must have a ticket to the Gathering.



As the function of the gathering will continue to grow greater support in the planning and communication will soon be required. Following the March 2017 gathering these roles will be open for women to step forth and volunteer to take on roles for behind the scenes work by bring their own flair to the vision. There will be many opportunities to find your niche, whether it be ticket sales, admin, food and kitchen, decoration and design, website, sponsorship, photography, etc. Many of the leadership roles in service to the gathering will be available for work/ticket trade arrangements. Your unique gifts are surely needed and we look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon. 



Hosting any large scale community gathering requires a large amount of logistical and land rental fees, this applies even moreso when planning in a top-tier city such as Hong Kong where land comes at an exceptionally high cost. We are looking for sponsors to help with financial aid so that we may continue hosting on larger scales. The integrity of the intent of The Garden Gathering is our utmost priority and we are keen to work with businesses that see the vast benefit in providing such conscious-driven events in Asia. 


For all enquiries to get involved please email