We are the priestesses of the earth, the chosen guardians and voices of nature. We have known the calling etched upon the walls of our hearts which now resonates through our collective souls. For a time, we slumbered, yet all the while the power within us was stirring and growing. Now we awaken to show the world a better way, and rise together to create a new future for our planet, and for our daughters.

It is out of pure intention and integrity that we hold sacred space for the Gathering of Women. This awakening of women with a deep desire to reconnect with our roots calls upon ancient wisdom to explore ways of walking in alignment with the Earth. 

Deep-authenticity surfaces within us as we honour our connection with the Great Mother and return to her wisdom and guidance. When we connect and communicate, we hear her desires and awaken to fulfil our own true potential and life's purpose.

From the beginning of time, women have gathered, danced, sung, bled and shared skills of ceremony and medicine. We now come together once again, each as women of like-mind and heart, to offer skills, participate in sisterhood and practise new ways of living. When we can share such experiences with humility and grace, we are inspired, empowered, and supported to explore our heart's deepest desires.

The Garden Gathering is a space to feel nourished, celebrated and honoured for who we are as we walk the path to deepen connection with ourselves, each other, the Earth - Our Mother.